Black Friday is getting closer every day, but before you go crazy with your shopping, take a look at this week’s second round of free games and apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These are normally available for a price, but you can get them for free for a short while.

Tip: If you come across an interesting app on our list but don’t need it now, install it first and delete it afterward. This will cause the app to be saved to your library, allowing you to install it later for free, even after the promotion ends.

android and IOS apps

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Date Calculator Pro ($0.99)Want to perform date and time operations on your Android device? Make life easier with this app. 
  • Age Calculator Pro ($0.99)Forget about making mental calculations, as this app provides you with an accurate answer to a person’s age based on their date of birth alone.
  • ColorMeter camera color picker ($1.99)Want to identify the exact color that you see? This app will go a long way in helping you do so accurately. 

Android Games

  • Defense of Egypt TD Premium ($1.99): If you have not gotten sick of the tower defense genre yet, here is one title that is set in Ancient Egypt.
  • Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend ($4.99): Everybody hates traffic jams. It is up to you to solve this puzzle game in a match 3 format. 
  • EHW Premium & 101 Classic Games ($0.99): This is a real-time strategy game that merges the online side-scroller defense genre alongside RPG elements for a truly revolutionary gaming experience.
  • Mental Hospital IV ($1.99): A first-person survival horror game where you need to escape from all the madness around you. It’s really creepy!
  • Summoners Era ($0.99): An idle RPG game that sees you pick a party of summoned monsters to defeat all who stand in your way.

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Lottery Box – Lotto Manager ($5.99): Place the lottery numbers you play in a pool, where you can then tweak the combinations for one or multiple draws. Would it increase your chances of winning? Who knows, really?
  • AirDisk Pro ($2.99): Store, manage, and access files on your iPhone with this app in a new way.
  • Unit Converter Pro HD ($0.99): If your line of work happens to deal with many unit conversions, having this app comes in handy.
  • Voice Recorder, Screen Recorder ($4.99): Use your phone to record in RAW, MP3, AAC, M4A, and WAV formats.
  • Safety Note+ Pro ($3.99): Are you one who takes down notes every single day, jotting your thoughts so that you can refer to them later? This app keeps your notes secure with its own security mechanism.

iOS games

  • Taijitu ($1.99): This is a game about balance, where you do your level best to avoid having two of the same colors on the same side of the screen. 
  • cat&line ($1.99): Draw a line and make sure that the cat will continue to have space to move forward. This is a fun mission-based runner.
  • Bug Bomber ($1.99): A classic action puzzle game that reminds you of Dr. Mario, except you will need four or more of the same color to clear a line.
  • Crystal Cove ($2.99): A totally new spin on the match 3 genres as you move your triangle around the board to clear it.
  • Wind Wings ($1.99): A 3D puzzle game that is certainly enthralling to keep you riveted.
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