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Black Friday is getting closer every day, but before you go crazy with your shopping, take a look at this week's second round of free games and apps for your

#sale Free Android and iOS apps this week

Ordinarily, purchased apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store will cost you money, but occasionally, some creators may opt to spread the love by making their apps freely
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Android and iOS Apps – free this week.

Perhaps it's time to relax on your phone with the following free apps from the Google Play and Apple App Stores as you close out yet another work week. These
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Free apps of the week

The following free apps are available from Google Play Store to start a brand-new week. These apps are usually paid, but right now they are available for free for a
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Free Android apps of the week

Let's have a look at some of the free apps and games on the Google Play Store. Now keep in mind that these apps typically have a price tag but