Now that another busy week in both work and general life has come to a conclusion, it’s time to move on. In fact, it is difficult to comprehend how quickly a half year will fly by. Why not unwind while playing some of the free games and applications available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores?

Normally, these applications would cost money, but for a brief period of time, you can get them for free on iPhone and Android. Please be aware that this list is released twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Let’s be honest, these are not entirely free apps. On Google Play and the Apple App Store, these are often paid applications that you must purchase if you wish to use them. However, occasionally, developers show their generosity by giving away their apps to the general public. We go through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store twice a week to find the greatest deals for you.

Although the programs on this list are currently free, these offers occasionally stop without prior notice according to the whims and fancy of the creator. On these platforms, the advertising time for apps might be erratic and abruptly cease.

free apps

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Test Bluetooth Headset [4.5-stars / $2.99]: Find out just how much juice your Bluetooth headset has, complete with a discharge graph!
  • Camera 4K Pro [3.9-stars / $0.99]: Sick and tired of your stock camera app? Perhaps this one might provide more manual controls to capture better photos.
  • All TV Screen Mirroring Pro [4.1-stars / $4.99]: Want to display content on your smartphone but on a big screen TV? This app gets the job done with aplomb.

Android games

  • Rusty: Island Survival Games [4.0-stars / $0.99]: Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away? How well would you fare as a sole survivor on an island?
  • Rogue Hearts [4.3-stars / $0.99]: A turn-based tactical RPG with amazing graphics where you lead your party through different quests.
  • Dungeon Shooter: Dark Temple [4.2-stars / $1.99]: A FPS where you explore a temple and look for riches, but wait, there are monsters to get rid of!
  • SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle [4.5-stars / $0.99]: A puzzle game that is set in a sci-fi environment complete with amazing graphics to kill time intelligently.
  • Demon Warrior Premium [4.4-stars / $0.99]: You are an all-powerful warrior who dishes out plenty of damage while taking them like a champ. Will you be able to eradicate all the evil that you come across?

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Unit Converter: Converter4U [4.7-stars / $0.99]: Remove all guesswork and get the exact information when switching between different measurement units.
  • Positive Thinking Meditation [4.5-stars / $3.99]: You know you’re already off to a good start when you get free positive thinking pointers for free in this app.
  • World Clock Time Travel Pro [4.7-stars / $0.99]: Do you do a lot of traveling? Adjusting to the new time zone is always a challenge, but at least get the local time right with this app.
  • Safety Note+ Pro [4.8-stars / $3.99]: Write your thoughts down digitally with this app, and secure it so that the contents remain safe from prying eyes. 
  • DailyBill—Expense Tracker [4.9-stars / $0.39]: How has your resolution of keeping track of your expenses been in 2023? If you have fallen off the wagon numerous times and need an app to keep you accountable, how about trying this out?

iOS games

  • DobbyxEscape: Adventure Story [4.4-stars / $1.99]: A pirate adventure that is full of thrills and spills as you square up against the legendary Blackbeard himself!
  • Rogue Hearts [4.3-stars / $0.99]: A rogue-like dungeon crawler with a modern twist, featuring fantastic graphics and a story that will get you hooked from the very beginning!
  • Drop Flop! [4.7-stars / $2.99]: The mechanics of this game are elementary—tap the screen to drop a ball, and you need to time yourself well to catch it as well.
  • Airplane Flight Simulator Game [4.0-stars / $9.99]: You do not need a powerful rig to take to the skies as this flight simulator also offers you the chance to do so with breathtaking views and close-to-life controls.
  • Age of Zombies [4.3-stars / $0.99]: A top-down isometric third-person shooter that sees you run from two dangers—zombies and dinosaurs! Both of them are trying to get a piece of you, what will you do to survive?

That’s it for now with today’s version of our free apps! We certainly hope you will be able to find something worth picking up whether it can be used right away or installed at a later date. What do you think of the apps which we have listed this week? For those who are looking for some online games to keep your adrenaline pumping without having to have an Internet connection, check out our linked story below.

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