WhatsApp is an top notch and revolutionary app. Simple to use, free, and with out a advertising, it isnow notunexpected that it isdesiredvia many users spherical the world. With its written and voice messaging system, the strength to form voice and video calls, it gives a service like that of a telephone.

Many peopleuse it on a each day and percentage tons of private data, that’s why it’scrucial to stay it secure. We, therefore, recommend that you trulydiscovered out two-aspect authentication to your account. This characteristic are going to be especially beneficialonce you log into WhatsApp on another device to feature additional safetyon your profile.

Enable two-factor authentication

There is only one method for two-factor authentication on WhatsApp. Once logged in, the application prompts you to create a custom PIN code.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  2. Press the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Press Account.
  5. Press Two-step Verification.
  6. Press Activate.
  7. Enter your personalized PIN code before clicking on next.
  8. Re-enter your personalized PIN code.
  9. Press Confirm.
  10. Enter your email address before clicking on next.
  11. Re-enter your email address.
  12. Press Save.
  13. Press Done.

The two-factor authentication imagined by using WhatsApp has a as a substituteuncommon configuration however well, we do with what we have, as they say. Most important: greater securityfor your data.
The best small constraint of this selection is to remember this unique WhatsApp PIN code with a view to be used very rarely. Before developing it, I invite you to choose a password that is easy for you to take into account, butbest for you.


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