LG isn’t known for releasing updates to its Android smartphones in a very timely fashion. But once they do, you are going to want to know the way to get that update and fiddle with the most recent version of Android.

LG does roll out other updates for its smartphones, typically bug fixes and security updates are what LG smartphone owners will get. Which are arguably more important than the remake of Android updates that other phones get. As this keeps your phone and your information from becoming susceptible to being hacked or attacked.

So how exactly do you update your LG smartphone to the newest version of Android? Well it’s quite simple. Let’s start .

Settings app on your phone.

LG settings app

Go to System then tap on System Updates and tap Check for new system updates.

LG system updates
LG update android

After that you will be either prompted by an update, which you can then just start the update. Or there will be a Check Now button you can use to check for a software update.

If there is an update available, you will see detailsof the update and the changelog, if there is one. The update will be large if it’s for a new version of Android. If you don`t want to install the update right now, just hit Later.

Updates do not wipe your data.

S However, it is always smart to go ahead and back up your data before you install a new update, just in case. As something could go wrong and you could end up needing to factory reset your phone following the update.


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