How to join FaceTime calls through Android or Windows

Android and Windows users get ready because soon you will be able to join FaceTime calls. Apple announced the news on Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, along with a slew of other iOS, iPadOS, and macOS improvements.

facetime on android and windows

Future Updates

FaceTime will gain many enhancements in the future iOS 15 operating system, including a participant grid view and the option to plan conversations, that will make it look and perform more like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. FaceTime will also get spatial audio in the new OS, which makes people’s voices sound like they’re originating from their position on the screen, giving it a more genuine feel.

In the fall, iOS 15 will be widely available. Here’s how you join FaceTime calls no matter what device you’re using once you’ve downloaded the new operating system.

How to join FaceTime calls

If you have an Android or Windows device and a friend or family member who has an Apple device, they can SMS, email, WhatsApp, or calendar invite you to a FaceTime call. All you have to do now is click on the link, and it will open in your browser. From there, you can join the call.

You’ll need an Apple device and an Apple account to schedule or initiate a FaceTime call. Then you can share a link with friends to encourage them to join using their browser on Android or Windows devices — no Apple account required. However, those others won’t be allowed to join the call until the Apple user who put it up gives their permission.

FaceTime calls are always end-to-end encrypted on the web, according to Apple’s WWDC presentation.

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