Your membership may be terminated if you purchased a Premium in a nation where it was less expensive via a virtual private network (VPN). As previously reported by Android Police, a number of users of this method have reported experiencing automatic cancellation of their subscriptions over the past few days.

Using a VPN to shift your location to a nation where Premium subscription is available for less money is the workaround. For instance, ad-free access to videos, YouTube Music, and offline downloads is available for $13.99 a month in the US with Premium, but it only costs $1.05 per month (869 ARS) in Argentina. However, it appears that YouTube is now taking harsh measures against users who do not genuinely reside in these nations.

A representative of the company, Paul Pennington, told The Verge that the firm had “tools in place” to track down its customers’ locations. According to Pennington, “We are requesting members to adjust their billing information to their current country of residence in instances where the signup country does not match where the user is viewing YouTube.” However, he does not mention if YouTube has begun to automatically terminate subscriptions using the fictitious locations.

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It is not surprising to see YouTube pursuing less expensive memberships, considering the platform has already begun to tighten down on ad blockers.

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