Let us start this new week off on Droid Tools with yet another round of free iOS and Android apps. See our selection of offers for paid applications and games that are currently available for free download. This is only possible if you move quickly because they are limited-time offers.

Tip: If you come across an app that you’d like to have but don’t need right now, download and install it first. It would be considered as “bought” and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you uninstall it from your smartphone right after.

Android apps and games that are free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • AppLock Pro ($2.49): Secure your handset with another layer of security which prevents prying eyes from your phone’s apps and content!
  • Bubble Level Pro ($2.99): This is the ideal app if you do a lot of woodworking or other kinds of home improvement projects, where you need to make sure a surface is particularly level.
  • Sound Meter & Voice Detector ($2.99): Ever wondered how much sound is in your car or room? Measure it with this app!

Free Android games

  • Cooking Quest VIP ($0.99): A food truck simulation game that will see you balance your penchant for great food with business decisions! 
  • Everybody’s RPG ($0.49): An idle RPG that is engrossing to play without requiring too much commitment.
  • ExtremeJobsKnight’sManager ($0.99): A tried-and-true formula that lets you train and manage a warrior to be the best in the business.
  • EHW Premium Stick & Fight ($0.49): A real-time strategy game that brings together elements of RPGs and side-scrollers.
  • On Tour Board Game ($3.99): You head a band who is on tour and want to make the most of your road trip adventures! 

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator ($2.99): This interesting app transforms your keyboard into a calculator, letting you reply to messages while you’re doing calculations!
  • ToPack: Trip Packing Checklist ($2.99): Ever gone on a holiday only to realize you forgot to pack something important? This app helps prevent such tragedies from happening.
  • Safety Note+ Pro ($3.99): Want to keep your private thoughts protected away from the prying eyes of the world? This app gets the job done.
  • PDFs Split & Merge ($8.99): Do you have two different segments in various PDFs that you want to merge into a single document? This app lets you do so.
  • Daygram ($0.99): A penny for your thoughts? This app lets you jot down your private musings and keeps it safe and secure through various protective elements.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • Neo Monsters ($0.99): Collect monsters, train them to be the very best version of themselves, and pit them against other trainers!
  • Dark Tower ($1.99): With so many floors to explore, you will have a fun time getting rid of different monsters in this classic-style logic RPG.
  • Wind Wings ($1.99): Take to the skies and shoot down as many enemy aircraft as possible, gaining experience along the way to upgrade your ship.
  • Fit Beats ($1.99): Match the different shapes while listening to electronic dance music in a strangely addictive game.
  • Cyber Protocol ($1.99): Do you have what it takes to solve all 100 puzzles of this hardcore arcade puzzle game?

We advise you to review the app’s details in the Play Store or App Store before downloading any of the listed apps. This is significant as a few of these free apps can offer unique features or drawbacks of their own.

Some apps gather and share your personal data in an ingenious way to make money. It is best to only allow permissions that are necessary for the app to operate in order to safeguard your personal information. An alarm clock app, for instance, does not require access to your contacts or camera. In a similar vein, a flashlight app does not require location awareness.

We hope these recommendations will help you to safely enjoy free app downloads on Android and iOS devices.