What happens if you like the Google Pixel phone’s software but not the hardware? Using a modified Android ROM to give other OEM phones the Pixel experience is the best method to get around this problem.

Precisely what the Pixel Experience ROM accomplished. Regretfully, however, the project’s lead developer declared today that he is ending the work. He clarified in a short blog post that while he will not be making any further builds, prior versions of the ROM will still be accessible.

José Henrique wrote in the post, “I share crucial information with you today with a feeling of thankfulness.” “After giving it some thought, I decided to finish developing Pixel Experience.”

It is interesting that Henrique chose not to directly address why he chose to end things. It is probable he does not have the time because he is too busy with other initiatives. Another possibility is that he is not as excited about the idea as he once was. It is odd that he does not explain the sudden decision—if only partially.

In any case, it is feasible that a different developer will take up the project or start a new one with comparable objectives. Although the community for custom ROMs has dwindled over the last ten years, people who want to flash alternate builds on their Android smartphones will always exist.

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