We now have a fantastic selection of paid apps that are free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You could question, how is this possible? For a restricted period, a few kind developers have decided to give away their paid applications for free. Thus, do not wait around because these freebies could go before you know it.

It is important to note that some of these apps can provide in-app purchases and contain advertisements. Well, who does not enjoy a good deal? So feel free to browse these free options; you might find your next favorite app!

Download and install any apps you find that you would want to have but do not require right now. It will remain in your app library indefinitely and be regarded as “purchased” even if you immediately remove it from your smartphone.

Android apps and games that are free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • QR/Barcode Scanner Pro ($5.99): If you are looking for an alternative QR code scanner, this app might be the right fit. 
  • Identify Dog Breeds ($0.99): Love hanging out at the park and admiring all those dogs that walk by? Why not identify their breeds with this app?
  • Battery Charging Animations ($0.99): Add some flair into your smartphone whenever you charge it.
  • 3D Earth Pro Local Forecast ($34.99): Find out what the weather is like with this app that features some great graphics.

Free Android games

  • Missile Dude ($1.99): Be a baron of destruction as you trade weapons, hoping to be the king of the hill.
  • Final Castle Defence ($0.99). With hordes of enemies knocking on your castle’s door, it is up to you to prevent them from entering.
  • Kingdom War Premium TD Offline ($0.99): A tower defense game where you not only have regular towers to keep your castle safe but also heroes to aid you.
  • WindWings ($1.99): A shoot ’em-up set in space, where the hopes of an entire galaxy rest on your shoulders. 
  • Jewels Planet ($2.99): A match-3 game with jewels in the picture. Does this look and sound familiar?

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • DayCost Pro ($2.99): Keep track of your expenses with this personal finance app.
  • Planimeter ($2.99): Do you get a kick out of measuring maps and distances between places? This app does so.
  • Calculator Easy HD ($0.99): This is no mere calculator, but also offers a live voice calculator option with key sounds for that added layer of authenticity.
  • Face Story Pro ($2.99): Have some fun with videos that allow you to morph your face into somebody else’s.
  • PXL Mosaic Art ($3.99): Transform any photo into mosaic art that will let you see things from a different perspective.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • Word Wings: Relaxing Word Game ($0.99): Imagine Tetris, but with letters that drop from above.
  • 2 Players 1 Device ($0.29): Want to keep two quibbling kids quiet with a single device? How about using this app that holds plenty of 2-player games that can be played on a single phone?
  • Light’Em Up Puzzle ($0.99): This is a puzzle game where you need to light up all the bulbs within the circuit with carefully placed batteries.
  • Blue Attack! ($1.99): It is a battle between blue and red forces, where you can make upgrades to earn an edge in battle.
  • Knight & Dragon ($0.99): A hack-and-slash offline RPG that rolls back the years.

We advise you to review the app’s details in the Play Store or App Store before downloading any of the listed apps. This is significant as a few of these free apps can offer unique features or drawbacks of their own.

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