The software power in image and video processing is one of Google and its products’ most intriguing potentials. The ports of the Google Camera are therefore much sought after by other Android smartphone manufacturers. In actuality, a lot of customers like installing and utilizing the Google Camera ports over the Stock Camera applications developed by other manufacturers.

Google Camera (Gcam), often known as Pixel Camera, is an Android camera phone application. It is evident that GCAM creates images that are more faithful to the source and have a wider dynamic range than the typical camera. It is renowned primarily for its incredible features that enable users to generate “Photo Spheres,” 360-degree panorama photos, etc.

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How to download GCam 8.5.3 on your device

The latest version of the GCam, 8.5.300, is available thanks to the developer BSG one of the most active since the beginning in the attempts to make the software available for non-Pixel devices; given that you meet the aforementioned requirements. In reality, for the attempted series it does not harm, the application could be functional even with devices equipped with previous Android versions.

You only need two requirements: run Android 10 or higher and have the Camera2 API. The main requirement for using the mod is that the device supports the Camera2 API. You can check this using a special application.

Download GCam 8.5.300 APK

Disclaimer: This application provided by BSG. If the application is not installed on your mobile or there is any problem with your mobile being installed then we will not be responsible for it. [Install own your risk]


  • First release 8.5.300
  • General settings are added: “Interface”, “Hardware Level”, “Activate HDRNET”, google AWB and DEV settings.
  • Added settings divided into modules: “model”, “preview format”.

If you meet both requirements, you have almost everything done. Installing the GCam 8.5.3 is something extremely easy that you can do in a few steps:

  1. Enter the BSG repository and click on ‘Download
  2. Once the APK has been downloaded, you can install it.
  3. Open the GCam app installed on your smartphone and you’re done

The process is as simple as downloading the APK and installing it. You shouldn’t do anything else. Of course, depending on the device you have, you will be able to access some functions or others of the GCam. Not all sections are compatible with all smartphones.

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