fast charging

How to boost your phone charging speed

You are not alone if you have ever found yourself tethered to a charger, watching the battery bar slowly but surely creep towards a usable level. But fear not, fellow

Nothing Phone 2 – #Nothing

The UK, Europe, Japan, and India all had access to Nothing's initial phone, which was appropriately dubbed Nothing Phone 1. I felt envious as a tech nerd from the US.
nothing phone 2

Nothing Phone 2 launch confirmed

We've learned a lot about the incoming successor to the Nothing Phone 1, which is likely to be the most unusual phone of 2022, over the previous few months. We

OnePlus 10 Pro – the gaming champion

The OnePlus 10 Pro, which will successor the OnePlus 9 Pro, will be one of the most interesting Android phones of next year. Many of the device's internal specifications have
verified calls

How to enable Verified Calls feature

You can immediately allow Google's Verified Call feature if you are looking to get even more privacy on your Android phone. Verified Calls is Google's way of amplifying caller ID