Many of us have experienced the frustration of forgetting to charge our phone overnight or discovering that our headphones are dead when we need them. As you can see, the number of devices we need to charge daily is increasing. It is an extra worry with our busy lives filled with work, school, and hanging out with friends. Smartphone, laptop, headphone, smartwatch, tablet, and much more.

The issue still exists despite developments like fast charging technologies and the European Union’s unified charging port. Fortunately, the answer originates in China, the center of technology, where a new battery startup claims to be able to produce electricity for 50 years without the need for maintenance or charging.

The battery from Betavolt changes charging forever

With everything from cars to airplanes starting to rely on electricity in today’s tech-driven world, research on battery technologies has surged. But aside from the speed at which they can be charged, there has not been a consumer-facing result—at least not yet. Beijing-based startup Betavolt has introduced a new battery that promises to produce electricity for 50 years without requiring maintenance or charging—and do not think of nuclear energy as a massive battery—Batalvolt manages to pack 63 nuclear isotopes into a battery the size of a coin.

Utilizing the energy from decaying isotopes, a concept developed in the 20th century, Betavolt’s nuclear battery currently produces 100 microwatts at 3 volts, all packed into a small 15x15x5 cubic millimeters. However, the goal is to reach a 1-watt power output by 2025. Earlier thermonuclear batteries faced challenges related to cost and size.

Although it sounds amazing to have an iPhone that never runs out of charge, it is wise to approach this ground-breaking invention cautiously for now, considering the potential risks of carrying a nuclear battery in your pocket. As a result, mass production might still be a distant dream for the time being. The company states that the nuclear battery is currently in the testing phase, with Betavolt planning to initiate mass production soon.

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