Samsung will bring the M31 to the Indian market through Amazon just like its immediate predecessor, the Galaxy M30s. This site is currently teasing the phone as one that would in many ways mimic the famous “battery monster,” including its 6000mAh battery. The camera features, however, are somewhat improving.

The Samsung Galaxy M30s was well-received as they paired triple cameras with an AMOLED FHD+ screen and a 6000mAh battery. According to new teasers released by, their immediate counterpart, the M31, won’t be much different-except that this time the number of cameras is 4. A’ best-in-class’ 64MP sensor is also the main shooter here.

Amazon also notes that it will be joined by others for ultra-wide angle, macro and depth-sensing functions, but its resolutions or other specs are not yet revealed. Similarly, it reveals that the Galaxy M31 will display the same quality (at least on paper) as the M30s but not its size. It will however have a U-shaped knot, a featurethat

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Samsung drops support for S series

The Samsung S10 series has run out of options. Together with a few other 2019 products, Samsung has discontinued the S10 series. Samsung has removed several of its older handsets