browser junk files

Clean your browser junk files in a few steps.

Regularly clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser will help you get rid of unnecessary garbage files. Much of the information that your Android phone's web browser gathers
samsung galaxy z flip 4 screen p

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 best screen protectors

Samsung is the best option available when it comes to high-end flip phones. These Android-powered gadgets, famous for its Galaxy Z Flip series, come with all the necessary smartphone capabilities
samsung s series

Samsung drops support for S series

The Samsung S10 series has run out of options. Together with a few other 2019 products, Samsung has discontinued the S10 series. Samsung has removed several of its older handsets
oneui 5.1

OneUI 5.1 full features list – #leak

Snoopy Tech, a Twitter tipster, has published a number of documents that appear to be original Samsung docs. The sites add to the previously disclosed material we revealed in the

How does Samsung Knox Vault works

Almost all Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with Samsung Knox pre-installed, and it serves as a security solution for device owners to make sure that both their smartphones and their data