The first mobile application, called “OpenAI ChatGPT” on the Apple App Store, has now been released, as the US company OpenAI stated over the weekend on its own portal. The AI bot is currently free and only has a few features.

ChatGPT for the Apple devices only for now

Real enthusiasm has grown around the subject of AI bots during the last several days and weeks. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is sparked by projects like “TruthGPT,” “Google Bard,” and OpenAI with “ChatGPT.” Others struggle to move growth forward quickly enough, while some are already fueling the flames of the end of the world.

Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, issues a risk alert and requests government regulation. On the other hand, the American business itself released the initial mobile application with “OpenAI ChatGPT” for free download in the Apple App Store over the weekend.

chatGPT openai

While the AI-supported chatbot is already available in the US as a desktop application in version 4.0, the mobile version, which for the time being is only available in the US and only for iOS from version 16.1, represents a premiere in the steady race. However, as the company announced, an implementation for Android is already in the works and a “soon” release is planned. Other countries are also expected to follow shortly.

A chat can be begun on an Apple iPhone and continued later on a desktop browser thanks to the cross-platform functionality of the iOS mobile application. The inclusion of “Whisper,” an open-source neural speech recognition program based on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitasking observed data, inside the ChatGPT mobile app provides another benefit.

Although ChatGPT for iOS is in theory free, the “ChatGPT Plus” version requires a US$19.99 monthly membership. Initial information indicates that the Plus version includes features from ChatGPT 4.0. Those who want to utilize communications more extensively most likely will also need to pay. The “early access to features and faster response times” for Plus subscribers is another benefit.

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