official magisk manager

Magisk is a popular name for Android users who are fond of rooting their smartphones. The app is not available in the Google Play store, either. However in the recent foun that there is a clone of his Magisk on the Google Play store, the app creator John Wu. The clone looks exactly the same as the original Magisk application, and it also has the same name. It was all cool, though, until the time the app was reported to contain malware. That simply means you are not supposed to download the Magisk application from Google Play store.

Google Play store policy explicitly notes that Google will never allow an app that helps to root. Thus the Magisk could not penetrate the environment of the Play store. However, the app that was mentioned was downloaded and updated about 50k times before people found out about it.

The app has been listed on the Google Play Store by the Loringo, Inc. , a company that uploads clones of KKGamer Pro, Pro ZArchiver, and android Dolphin Emulator software. The business has used Magisk ‘s branding to distribute malware to Android users who enjoy rooting their computers. The App developer, however, had asked the users to report the app to stop the business. Thus, the Android version is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

But we should always review an app before we hit the download button for our protection as Android users. However, Magisk will not make its way to the Play store anytime soon according to Google policies. So make sure on Google Play store you stop each and every clone of the application. If possible just go ahead and report it, this way the other android users won’t be targeted by scams and malware

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