It’s time for our weekly roundup of free Android apps. We’ve compiled a list of normally paid apps and games that are currently available for free for a limited time. Don’t waste time and take advantage of the promotions!

Here’s a tip: If you find an interesting app but can’t really use it right now? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. That way, the app will become part of your app library, and you can install it again for free when you need it. This is a good way not to miss out on a short-lived promo.

Free apps in the Google Play Store

  • Correlate ($2.99): Record your habits, food and understand the relationships of your choices and actions in your daily life and health.
  • SnagBricks ($5,49): For construction engineers, designers and other professionals in the construction industry, this app helps track construction progress, with report export options.
  • SUI File Explorer PRO ($1.99): A four-star rated file explorer. It lets you search files on your hard drive or conveniently install APKs, for example.
  • Multiscreen Calculator with Voice Input Pro ($3.99): You’re obviously getting a fantastic calculator here. From the screenshots, I wouldn’t have guessed that the app was rated 4.5 stars by nearly 4,000 users.
  • CP Meeting Notes ($2.99): A cross between a notes app and a voice recorder. Only rated by 35 voices so far, but you might find it quite interesting!
  • One Swipe Notes ($0.99): Another note app that lets you swipe away completed tasks. In my opinion, a good feeling when you have finished a task!

Free games in the Google Play Store

  • The Lone Hacker ($3.00): Still in development, become a digital security expert by finding flaws in computers around the world. Although still incomplete, the game has thousands of positive reviews on Play Store.
  • Sudoku Pro ($2.99): Contains ads and purchases: challenge your mind in more than 9,000 puzzles (yes, I only listed this game to enjoy the meme).
  • Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition ($0.99): CAT SIMULATOR: if the internet is for viewing pictures of cats, that’s what cell phones and their multiple CPU and GPU cores are for.
  • Dead Bunker 2 HD ($0.99): An old acquaintance in our free apps! The HD version of Dead Bunker 2 is currently available for free.

Disable trackers/loggers – Warden #root

The Warden Program Manager uses a centralized list of trackers and loggers provided by Exodus Privacy, a French ngo. It reads the dex (Dalvik Executable) files within each device installed