Let’s start this brand-new week off by compiling a list of apps from the Google Play Store that are only accessible for a short period of time. You can find special offers for paid apps on this page without spending a dime.

Please be aware that although these apps are currently free, they may become paid by the time you read this post or attempt to download them because we are unsure of when these offers will expire. Because there is no predetermined duration for app promotions on the Google Play Store, bargains may be pulled just as quickly as they were published, which is terrible.

Here’s a good tip: If you see an app or game on our list that interests you but isn’t currently necessary, think about installing it and then removing it from your smartphone. This will add it to your app library so you may install it again whenever you need it in the future. It’s a fantastic technique to fully benefit from transient promotions.

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Pro MP3 Player QAMP [4.5-stars / $1.19]: Another versatile MP3 player just in case you want to spruce up your options.
  • Flashcards Club [3.9-stars / $3.99]: Create flashcards on the move with this app for easy teaching and learning.
  • 500X Game Booster Pro [4.2-stars / $0.49]: Do you think your smartphone has what it takes to work to its maximum? Perhaps this app will be able to help you push out every single drop of performance.

Android games

  • Peppa Pig: Theme Park [3.9-stars / $3.99]: Let Peppa Pig keep your little ones entertained at a nearby theme park.
  • Concrete Defense 1940 [4.0-stars / $0.99]: A tower defense title that takes place during World War II, so expect to see some old-school weaponry in action.
  • Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting [4.4-stars / $0.99]: Do you want to earn the Shadow Legends title? Fight your way through hordes of enemies.
  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD [4.7-stars / $2.99]: Tower defense never looked so good on Android with this futuristic-looking title.
  • The Enchanted Worlds [4.4-stars / $2.99]: Find out uncle Henry’s secrets in this unique puzzle adventure title.
  • Angular Velocity Full [4.3-stars / $0.99]: In a physics-based world, the grappling hook is your only means of getting around. Will you swing correctly?

K2 compiler appears in Kotlin

Kotlin 1.7.0, an update to the JVM, web, and mobile programming language from JetBrains, includes an alpha version of the ground-breaking K2 compiler. K2 is designed to accelerate the creation