corvus OS

Corvus OS is another Android custom ROM with many customization.

First, it’s inspired by Dirty Unicorns, but developers picked many other features too. Their objectives are a stable and feature ROM that can be enjoyed by many devices.

Developers won’t say that Corvus is better ROM than others, but we always try to give you the best.

CorvusOS v9 changelog (2020.09.12)

  • Merged September Security Patch
  • Bumped to the EndGame 9.0
  • Added More QS Tile Styles (OOS, Divided & Cosmos)
  • Added toggle for carrier group visibility
  • Updated QS tile icons (Airplane Mode, Dark Mode, Data Saver, Flashlight & Mobile Data)
  • Added some new Headers (One-piece Anime pack, Hunter x Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia)
  • Added Mi 10 Ultra FOD animations
  • Beautify airplane & mobile data icons
  • Imported back arrow from OOS
  • Added Option to use linear scale in BrightnessController
  • Redesign some drawables in Settings
  • Fixed crash when uninstalling apps with fragile data
  • Fingerprint: fix client was canceled by service by mistake
  • TaskHelper: allowed to get foreground app label
  • Fixed QS tile layout w.r.t detail view expand button
  • Made QS security footer color consistent with the panel
  • Added policy-based firewall in the security tab
  • Fixed CDM.requestNotificationAccess() in profile
  • Fixed NPE on global actions dialog
  • Fixed status bar battery level padding
  • Updated Translations RU & PT-BR to Raven’s Lair
  • Removed NEON matrix procs
  • Improved backwards memmove performance
  • Benchmark unaligned memmove
  • Reverted bool to ignore icon space reserved in Settings
  • Many more underhood changes and fixes check on gerrit

Corvus 9 features

corvus os customizations



Fonts Statusbar

Icons Quick

Settings syles

Theme Schedule

Notification features

corvus os notifications center
  • Heads up options
  • Charging animation
  • Edge Lighting
  • Blink Flashlight on Call

Lockscreen features

corvus os lockscreen
  • Show status bar on lockscreen
  • Disable QS when locked
  • Lockscreen charging info
  • Lockscreen album art filter
  • Media artwork blur level
  • Shortcuts
  • Charging animation
  • Lockscreen style
  • Fod Icon picker
  • Hide lock icon
  • DT2sleep
  • Lockscreen visualizer

Statusbar features

corvus os statusbar
  • Battery Customization
  • Charging LED
  • Battery Estimates Toggle
  • Battery Icon Style
  • Battery Percentage
  • Aggressive Battery
  • Battery Bar Customization
  • Custom Statusbar icons

Display features

corvus os display settings
  • Ambient Display
  • Always on
  • Custom Options
  • Batter level on bottom
  • Always on when charging
  • New notifications toggle
  • Lift to check phone
  • Hand wave pulse
  • Pocket notifications on removal
  • Brightness options on Ambient
  • Ambient music ticker
  • Ambient wake gestures
  • Night Light
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Styles and wallpapers
  • Screen Attention
  • Display Colors
  • Screen Savers
  • Screen rotations
  • Wake on plug
  • Game driver preferences
  • DT2wake

How to install Corvus OS on your device

1. Wipe data, Cache & Dalvik , And system
2. Flash rom
3. Reboot
4. Reboot to recovery
4. Flash Gapps (for Google services)
5. Flash Magisk (for root)
6. Reboot to system.
5. Reboot & enjoy!

Officially supported devices


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