WhatsApp make it easier to start chats with unsaved numbers

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging software in the world, offering a variety of services in addition to regular text chats. However, you can’t quickly start a chat with numbers that aren’t recorded in your contacts list.

Fortunately, frequent leaker WABetaInfo has dug through Android beta software version and discovered that the firm is working on a remedy. Taping on an unsaved phone number in a chat bubble now opens an in-app menu that lets you chat with the person if they’re on WhatsApp.

You may also call them or store their number to your contact list using the in-app options. We’ve confirmed that the menu is visible in the beta version we’re using. Take a look at the image below.


This is a significant departure from previous conduct. Currently, touching an unsaved number in a chat thread opens the dialer app on your Android phone instead.

However, this approach isn’t ideal because it requires someone to either send you the number or for you to send the unsaved number to another contact. So, ideally, additional work will be done in this area to improve message delivery to unsaved contacts.

There are several workarounds, however, such as using WhatsApp’s short links system. You can take a look at the various solutions for chatting with an unsaved number at the link.

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