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Useful fastboot commands

ADB and Fastboot commands are considered to be the system utilities that aid you in accessing the back end Android System when your device has been connected to Windows PC or Mac Or Linux.

Here are most useful fastboot commands

fastboot reboot

To reboot your device


fastboot reboot recovery

To boot your device into recovery mode

fastboot oem unlock

Relocks the bootloader of your device

fastboot oem unlock

unlock your bootloader with this command


fastboot oem device-info

check bootloader lock/ unlock status

fastboot flash recovery

flash recovery using fastboot mode

fastboot boot

boot directly into recovery without installing it


fastboot flash file

flash flashable zip file from fastboot mode

fastboot getvar cid

display CID of your phone

adb devices

list of attached devices to computer


adb reboot

restart your smartphone

adb reboot-bootloader

reboot to bootloader or fastboot or download mode

adb reboot recovery

reboot your device into fastboot mode


adb get-serial no

get serial number of the connected devices

adb install

to install apps over adb

adb install -r

if you have already installed app and want to update it


adb uninstall

uninstall an app using adb

adb push (source) (destination)

copy file from computer to smartphone

adb pull

copy file from phone to computer


adb shell (command)

run command in the terminal on the host android device

adb backup

create a backup of your device and store it to your computer

adb restore

restore backup to your phone


adb sideload

push and install flashable zip file or custom ROM on your device

adb logcat

shows you real time log of your phone

adb reboot fastboot

reboot your device into fastboot mode

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