In the previous post, we discussed how by following some tips & tricks, you can boost the battery of your Android smartphone.

There are so many reasons why the performance of an Android smartphone would slow down. For instance, Android is too old, with low RAM & ROM, full storage, etc. Today, to get the best output from an Android phone, we’ll look at every problem and try to solve all of them. So, as you might have guessed, following are some smartphone tips to instantly enhance your Android smarthphone performance.

Uninstall unused apps

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This is one of the reasons why it’s very sluggish on your Android. In general people install lots of Android applications even though they are not using them on their smartphone. Not only does having so many apps require room, but it also slows down performance. Just go to your smartphone settings then manage apps and uninstall those apps that you’re not using currently.

Your Android also has certain device bloatware that you can not easily uninstall. However to delete these types of software, I have made a separate post, you can read that from here, How to Uninstall Device Bloatware from Android Phones.

Keep some storage free

If your smartphone has a large storage capacity, the chances are it will not lag too much. This is because there will be lots of free spaces in memory to load apps resources. Whereas, there’ll no space to load the resources if your phone has low storage capacity. That’s the main reason for slowing down a smartphone performance. Always make sure that your smartphone has 3GB to 4GB memory free in ROM and slightly less in RAM.

To free your storage, you can delete the junk files and unnecessary files including useless WhatsApp photos, videos, thumbnails, etc.

Update your OS

With every Android update, smartphones still get better. New functionality, bug fixes, optimized performance and other enhancements are included in the update. So to get security updates and overall improved system performance, always keep your system updated.

An update, however, can often contain a massive bug, but it seldom occurs. You will collect reviews from users about the new update and then decide whether or not to install it.

Factory reset

After a long smartphone usage, it looses the performance overtime. Also, whenever smartphone software becomes too old, it loses the smoothness and performance as it was in the brand new smartphone. Which requires to perform a factory reset to fix some errors and clear all the smartphone logs from the memory. Well! there are many ways to reset an Android phone but you can reset your phone Settings > Backup & restore > Reset.

Do NOT INSTALL speed booster apps

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From the play store, you can get tons of speed booster apps which promise to increase the performance of Android within a single tap. Oh, NO! Don’t install those kinds of software. Instead as a struggling launch app, that will make your phone much more laggy. They have clear frequent cache memory for multi-tasking, which is fine. In a nutshell, do not use boosters for speed.

Try new launcher

Some issues cause the output of the smartphone to slow down after using the default Android launcher for a long time. Well! Well! Oh! You’ve got too many launchers at the play store there. The best launcher, in my opinion, is Nova. See if your Android performance improves after upgrading to a new launcher, then follow other tips to stick with it.

Clear apps data or cache

An app increases its size when you start using it. And, sometimes size grows massive large to 1GB or more. Cache data are vital to load apps faster but creates problems when it stores than usual data that are no longer in use. And, it’s our responsibility to clear cache memory to free the useless filled storage. It makes smartphone fast as light. To clear cache of Android apps at once, go to Settings then tap Storage, choose Cache and delete them. Another way to do this, go to manage apps from settings and choose apps and clear data & cache one by one.

Increase animation speed

Increasing animation speed doesn’t directly increase the smartphone performance, however, it gives a feeling of fast performance. You can adjust the animation speed from Android developer settings. To get developer options, Go to Settings > About > Build number > tap 7 times.

Now, open developer settings and find these three options and set their value to 0.5 or turn it off completely.

  1. Window animation scale
  2. Transition animation scale
  3. Animator duration scale
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