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For a limited time only, Android apps and games are available to download for free this week. We will explain to you how to obtain these priceless downloads.

If you have been following Droid Tools for some time, you will be familiar with what to anticipate from this article: Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store frequently run sales and promotions where you may get paid content for nothing for a brief period of time.

Unlike our list of the five best applications of the week, we have not intentionally tried any of the downloads we have compiled for you.

Hence, be a little bit careful before you fall into a money pit as some apps may still include microtransactions.

Tip: Do you want to secure a free app for the future? If so, download it once and uninstall it if necessary. This way, it will be added to your list of purchased apps and you can download it again in the future once you need it.

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • Measuring Center ($4.49): Do you want to perform a makeover in your home this summer? Then download this app and make sure your DIY projects will not run from the required measurements!
  • Equalizer Bass Booster Pro ($1.99): This app sports a volume booster that alters the global sound and improves sound quality, making your music sound more pleasant and loud. Of course, it might even make your earbuds experience better.

These games are free in the Google Play Store

  • Sword Knights: Idle RPG (Magic) ($1.49): If you love collecting all kinds of weapons and basically leveling up and becoming the most badass knight ever, then this game is perfect for you.
  • Assassin Lord: Idle RPG (Buff) ($1.99): Yet another self-playing RPG that cannot be affected by the player, but you are able to kill time with it.
  • Word Search 600 Pro ($1.99): Love tickling your brain? Then you will certainly be able to figure out just how smart you are by hunting down every single word.
  • Fastar VIP ($0.99): This is a rhythm game that tests your reflexes that pays homage to Beatmania and other old-school rhythm games.
  • DungeonMon! ($0.99): Train monsters and have them compete in battles to emerge as the victor. Does this sound familiar? 
  • SLOC ($1.99): This 2D Rubik’s Cube puzzle is a great way to pass the time in a beneficial manner whenever you want to squeeze your brain juice.
  • MR RACER ($4.99): Challenge your friends or the AI in fast-paced races. The road is simply straight without any curves, but it is still fun.
  • Bottle Breaker 3D ($1.99): This master bottle shooting game simulator from 2021 will make you feel like a professional glass breaker. Perfect for releasing stress in a mindless manner that features stunning graphics and smooth shooting control.

Android 14 may come with root certificates

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