samsung s series

Samsung drops support for S series

The Samsung S10 series has run out of options. Together with a few other 2019 products, Samsung has discontinued the S10 series. Samsung has removed several of its older handsets

Android 14 may come with root certificates

The foundation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is its root certificates, which are certified by reputable Certificate Authorities, or CAs. A pre-packaged root store seen in browsers, apps, and other

How does Samsung Knox Vault works

Almost all Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with Samsung Knox pre-installed, and it serves as a security solution for device owners to make sure that both their smartphones and their data
BadBazaar malware android apps

BadBazaar Android malware linked to Chinese cyberspies

Unknown Android spyware called "BadBazaar" has been found to target China's ethnic and religious minorities, particularly the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Due to their cultural divergence from traditional eastern Chinese values,