one plus nord

OnePlus runs one of the most public-facing app testing activities among the handset manufacturers we cover at Android Police and it is not shocking to see another beta testing community launch, this time for its newest handset, the Nord.

The company invites up to 200 Nord owners who are willing to provide timely input through a OnePlus Slack channel on features on future OxygenOS builds for the Nord. Ideally, already involved and vibrant, prospective participants would need to have a OnePlus Forum account and need to be comfortable with backing up their data for occasional picture flashing. They would also need to sign a contract for non-disclosure.

This survey can be filled out by those who are involved. Setting up the closed beta community would pave the way for more secure open beta photos that can be flashed on their own by any user.

It’s very odd to see such a commonly available beta structure for a €300 handset, regardless of the fact that we are dealing with OnePlus here.

Source: OnePlus