This ROM is based on AOSP source that optimized specifically for the Snapdragon 845.
Is paired it with an already optimized kernel.

About SkyDragon OS

Based on AOSP
Android Version: 9.0 PQ3B.190605.006
Actually Optimized specifically for SDM845(SD845)
LightningZap! Kernel Built-in Refer here
SkyDragon Boot animation

SkyDragon OS Features:

Custom Theme Support
- Accents (Amber, Black, Cerulean, Crimson, Deep Purple, Emerald, Fuchsia, Green, Grey, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Lime, Maroon, Mexican Sunset, Pink, Pixel, Pumpkin, Teal, White, Yello)
- Primary/Base (Almost Black, Dark Blue, Pitch Black, White)
- Notification (Dark, Light, Match Primary)

Volume Rocker Customization
- Rocker Playback Control
- Rocker Wake Control
- Rocker Cursor Key Control
- Rocker Answer Key

- Jump to camera on unlock (Double tap power button)
- Prevent ringing
- OP6 Navigation Gestures
- Screen-off power button Torch(long press power button)

Lock Screen Customization
- Change lockscreen bottom shortcuts
- Double tap to sleep anywhere on lockscreen
- Lockscreen charging info toggle
- Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle
- Fingerpint unlock on first boot toggle
- Lockscreen media cover art

Navigation Bar
- Navbar button layout customization (Normal, Compact, Left-leaning, Right-leaning)
- Extra left/right button customization
- Invert navbar layout
- Navbar burn-in protection toggle with shift configurable

- Heads-up toggle
-- Heads-up time-out selectable (2/4/5/6/8/10 seconds)
-- Heads-up snooze timer selectable (Disabled/1/5/10/15/20 minutes)
-- Heads-up stoplist (block while in chosen apps)
-- Heads-up blacklist (black from apps)
- Notification light per-app configurable
- Battery charging light toggle
-- Battery light in DND mode toggle
-- Battery light blink when low toggle
-- Battery light colors
- Disable notifications while screen on toggle
- In-call vibrate on connect toggle
- In-call vibrate on call waiting toggle
- In-call vibrate on disconnect toggle

Power menu customization
- Disable on lockscreen toggle
- Menu options (Power/Restart/Advanced restart(Shortpress recovery/longpress bootloader)/Screenshot/Flashlight/Airplane/Settings/Lock Down/Users/Logout)

Quick Settings Customization
- Brightness slider toggle
- Brightness slider on bottom toggle
- QS Footer toggle
- Vibrate on qs tile touch
- Running Services Toggle
- Bluetooth battery status toggle

Recents Apps Customization
- Recents Apps Style (AOSP/PIE)
- Clear-all button toggle
- Clear-all location 
- Memory Bar toggle

Status Bar Customization
- Status bar items configurable
- Double tap to sleep toggle
- Battery Icon choices (Portrait/Circle/Dotted Circle/Text/Hidden)
-- Battery percentage in icon
- Battery bar customization
-- Location (Status bar/top of navbar/bottom of navbar)
-- Battery bar style (Regular/Center-Mirrored/Reversed)
-- Battery bar thickness (1/2/3/4 dp)
-- Charging animation
-- Colors (Charging/low-high battery)
- Bluetooth battery status toggle
- Clock and Date toggle
-- Clock style (Left/Center/Right)
-- AM/PM style (Hidden/Small/Normal)
-- Show Seconds toggle
-- Date (Hidden/Small font/Normal font)
-- Date style (Normal/Lowercase/Uppercase)
-- Date format
- ADB Notification toggle
- Network Traffic toggle
-- Network traffic activity threshold configurable
- Disable VoLTE Icon
- Use oreo style mobile icons
- Use 4G instead of LTE toggle

- System service toggle
-- Update interval
-- Provider (OpenWeather Map)
-- Unit (F/C)
-- Custom Location
- Icon pack
- Statusbar Weather toggle (Hidden/Temp with image and scale/Temp with image/Temp with scale/Temp/Image)
- Lockscreen Weather toggle
- Show City Name on lockscreen
- Show Temperatue on lockscreen

- App Ops
- Sensor block per-package toggle
- System Wakelock blocker
- System alarm blocker
- Wake up on charger connected toggle
- Scrolling cache selection (Force enable/Default enable/Default disable/Force disable)
- Doze Settings configurable
-- Preset profiles (Aggressive/SkyDragon)
- Aggressive Battery Toggle

Device Features
- OP Off-screen gestures 
-- Proximity check toggle
-- Tap to wake toggle
- Swap HW Keys toggle (Back/Recents)
- Vibration strength configurable
- HW Slider position customization
- Panel Modes (sRGB/Soft Color/Wide Color/HighBrightness Mode)
- Ambient Display configuration
-- Pickup toggle
-- Hand-wave toggle
-- Pocket toggle

Wifi and Network
- Sim cards toggle
- Auto hide unprovisioned sim slots

Apps & Notifications
- Show package version

- Auto reset battery stats at %99
- Reset battery stats toggle

- Extra font sizes
- Extra display sizes
- Dashboard conditions toggle
- Dashboard summaries toggle

Security & Location
- Scramble Pin layout
- Quick unlock on correct pin/pass toggle

About Phone
- Viewable Changelog
- Phone Info button (*#*#4636#*#*)

How to install:

  • Download ROM
  • Flash OOS 9.0.XX Stock (Not BETA)
  • Flash twrp-fajita-3.2.3-XX-installer
  • Reboot To Recovery
  • Flash ROM + TWRP
  • Reboot To Recovery
  • Wipe (Swipe To Perform Factory Reset)
  • Note: If your first boot results in a bootloop, you WILL need to FORMAT data.
  • This will wipe ALL you data including your sdcard. MAKE A BACKUP!
  • Flash OpenGapps ARM64 9.0 Pico/Nano
  • Flash Magisk
  • Boot To OS

How to update:

  • Wipe Cache/Dalvik
  • Flash ROM + TWRP
  • Reboot To Recovery
  • Flash Gapps
  • Flash Magisk
  • Boot To OS

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