The FBI has issued a warning on public charges that may be found in malls, airports, and other places and requests that nobody make use of them. When traveling or doing other things, it’s a good idea to utilize your own portable charger or power bank since you’re not confined to one place.

The FBI claims that criminals have discovered a way to use USB connections available in these places to install malware and monitoring software onto devices. and advises everyone to use an electrical outlet instead and bring their own charger and USB wire.

security risk

Juice jacking is the term used to describe this practice. This is how malicious software can be added to public charging stations by hackers. It gives them the ability to view, steal, and even track the data from your mobile devices. Regrettably, iOS devices are not immune to juice jacking; Android smartphones are more likely to be affected.

So how can juice jacking be prevented? The simplest solution is to always travel with your own USB cord and charger. For this reason, we advise getting a battery pack for your gadget. There are numerous solutions available for this as well.

This can be avoided

The simplest method is to use a battery pack. Since you are not required to remain confined to one outlet, you can carry it in your pocket and wander around the mall, airport, or anywhere else. Also, it functions when you need to charge your phone but are not in certain areas.

Although this is quite frightening, it is quite simple to avoid. It’s difficult to use one of those USB ports when you’re at the airport because they’re normally all occupied. But right now, you need to steer clear of them.

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