The OnePlus 11, which was previously available only in China, has now arrived in the US. Pre-orders have now been available for the flagship device. Here are the finest locations to order the device in advance and locate the best discounts and trade-in prices.

OnePlus 11 pre-orders

Even without the enormous camera array on the back of the phone, the OnePlus 11 offers a lot. The OnePlus 11 features top-notch specs on the inside. A Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, as much as 16 GB of RAM, and either 128 or 256 GB of internal UFS 4.0 storage are all included in that.

The 50MP Hasselblad-branded sensor system is housed in a well-known wraparound camera configuration on the back of the device by OnePlus. The 5,000mAh battery is charged using an 80W rapid charging system. Unfortunately, the US model can only charge at 80W while other models can do so at 100W. Additionally, this time around there is no wireless charging.

The best part about the flagship device from OnePlus is the price. The OnePlus 11 comes in at $699, taking a bite at the competitively priced Pixel 7 series while offering a Qaulacomm SoC and other heavy specs.

oneplus 11

Pre-order the OnePlus 11

As is normally the case, the website with the best deal is from the company selling the device, OnePlus. With a Red Cable Club account, buyers earn a number of points for future purchases. On a purchase like the OnePlus 11, that means getting a larger amount of credits.

Although rewards points are fantastic, the real value is seen when you trade in your outdated technology. Naturally, OnePlus has some restrictions. According to OnePlus, you’ll receive an immediate $500 credit toward your OnePlus 11 purchase if you trade in a OnePlus smartphone, yet we were unable to make this credit show up.

You can also receive up to $200 with that and any other trade-ins; this money could be paid to you after you make a purchase or be made immediately. For instance, OnePlus will add $200 to the trade-in value of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, making the total trade-in value $560. These values wouldn’t even come close to justifying the trade-in without the credit.

If you’re looking for accessories with your OnePlus 11 pre-order, now would be the time to bundle the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. At $50 off, those who are looking to keep it in the OnePlus ecosystem will want to take that offer up.

Best Buy

The second best place to pick up the OnePlus 11 is Best Buy. Unfortunately, the company isn’t offering trade-in deals with pre-orders, however, customers who place a pre-order will get a $100 gift card. While it isn’t a glamorous trade-in bonus, a Best Buy gift card can go a lot further than OnePlus credit if you already have the devices you need.

The OnePlus 11 should ship out around February 16, with pre-orders going on until the day before.

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