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Why You Should Consider Using A Custom Android Kernel

Do you want your Android device to offer best performance? Or is it true that you want the best battery life? If you have already rooted your device, or even installed a custom ROM on it, checking out the domain of custom kernels might be a good idea.

The kernel is the piece of software that bridges the gap between the operating system (and applications installed) and the device’s hardware. The kernel is involved in everything that you do on your computer. Greater volume while playing a video? Android isn’t asking the speakers specifically to increase output. Alternatively, it tells the kernel it wants to increase the volume and the kernel is talking to the speaker to increase their performance.

Omega Kernel features

  • Up to date with OxygenOS 10 source
  • Compiled with GCC 9.2.0 for maximum stability, with all warnings and errors fixed
  • Many tweaks under the hood for smoother UX, lower battery drain, etc.
  • Kernel uses CAF’s WiFi module for sdm845
  • Westwood as the default congestion algorithm
  • Hides bootloader unlock from SafetyNet
  • Includes latest WireGuard kernel module
  • Available to flash with AnyKernel3

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