There is no official way for Google apps to be enabled on Huawei smartphones, like the Mate 30 Pro. We want to make this clear from the start. And this is where you should stop reading if you were expecting an official way. Yet there are other ways to do this that give us an alternative way. That’s an open secret. Most of Google’s applications are also free online and easy to use

Installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete. No protection is assured, however, because the circumstances surrounding the situation in Google–Huawei attract people with malicious intent. Copy security specifications for HD streaming of different services can not be enabled. Furthermore, you can not install Google Bill, too.

Install Google Service

All you need is the Chat Partner app. Only a few clicks, you can install mobile services on Google more easily than ever before. No prior experience, technical know-how or accessories are needed. Download Partner Chat app HERE

  • Download, install & start the app
  • Follow the instructions in the app (see screenshots above)
  • – Detect device
  • – Repair Now
  • – Activate
  • Restart (!)
  • Log in to the installed Google Play Store (again) with a Google account
  • Create additional Google accounts or install Google Apps via the Play Store


  • Despite our extensive tests, app appraisal and observation of possible illegal account activity in the days after the installation, we received a legitimate security
  • Notice: The login via Webview can be potentially unsafe.
  • It also seems to be possible to skip this step and restart the device directly in order to then create a Google account via the Play Store or the system settings (secure).
  • So far, we have not been able to test whether this will lead to restrictions in subsequent use – which we do not assume, however.
  • The app can also be uninstalled after achieving your goal.

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