This news item isn’t exactly one of the more dramatic ones. It’s only the most recent upgrade to Google Wallet, though. A recent report claims that the Google Wallet app is now receiving independent notifications.

Although it has a separate app, Google Wallet is not totally independent. Wallet has its own app, however it lacks its own notifications. Indeed, they originate from Google Play Services. When you use Wallet to make a purchase, you’ll receive a notification with a brief description of the transaction. Google believes that it is now appropriate for Google Wallet to go independent.

Google Wallet is getting notifications

We don’t entirely understand the company’s motivations for separating Wallet from Play Services. We do know that Google is developing a new version of the Wallet app. For all we know, Google might be developing a more significant overall overhaul for Wallet. To be sure, we’ll need to wait for additional details on this.

In any event, the Wallet icon will be there next to your notice when it comes from Google Wallet. So, you must use the app’s notifications and not Google Play Services if you wish to turn off the notifications.

google wallet notofication

Google Wallet is receiving additional updates.

You need to be aware of how Google Wallet uses space before you open it. The app has a great deal of unneeded empty space. The cards are shown in a huge horizontally scrolling carousel that is topped with a sizable NFC icon. You may access the settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner of the page. You can see more cards at the bottom of the screen.

Google, however, intends to promote a redesign that will improve the UI’s use of the available space. To begin with, the NFC logo will vanish, and your cards will take its place. You may see your other passes, such as gift cards and reward cards, immediately beneath your cards.

All in all, the cards and passes will better fill out the interface. We’re not sure when Google is going to push this update to more devices, but it shouldn’t take too much time.