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Android Auto has recently reached 500 million downloads on the Play Store, likely due to its inclusion on most Android 10 shipping phones, and now two more Google made apps have reached major milestones.

Next, YouTube Go is now in the Play Store hitting 500 million downloads. Google has certainly contributed to that figure, with the app on all Android Go phones, but other Go system applications are still lagging behind — Google Maps is only 100 million, whereas Google Assistant is 50 million. YouTube Go seems to have a small number of organic downloads, presumably because of the data-saving features that are not available in the full YouTube app.

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Already, Google Classroom has hit a milestone, albeit a smaller one—100 million devices. Classroom is not pre-installed on any computers, and that number is fully downloaded by users and installed by schools / organisations. The app has also returned to an average 4/5 star ranking, despite a review-bombing earlier this year by students hoping to escape remote schooling.

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