The best photography applications are found on Google Pixel smartphones, which begs the issue of whether they may also be used on other Android devices. The solution is found in GCam, a customized version of the Google camera that makes camera app capabilities available on mobile devices other than Pixel models. This includes the most recent 8.8 version of Shamim, a robust and extremely flexible program.

Modders that are committed to providing their own versions of the Pixel camera app in the form of GCam do likewise as Google keeps updating it. For the majority of devices, the most recent version, 8.8, offers a variety of fantastic possibilities. Iterations in the past, such as the one from BSG, were among the first to be made available but lacked the sophisticated tuning possibilities present in the app. Shamim’s 8.8 version, however, offers a lot more customization.

Gcam 8.8 unlocks the potential of your mobile

As soon as Google Camera 8.8 was released, the first modders started to release their own versions of the software, which is still under development. While one of the most well-known modders, Arnova8G2, has yet to release the current version beta, others are steadily updating their improvements. Shamim, whose GCam 8.8 is highly thorough, is one among them.

Shamim’s 8.8 update brings the app’s foundation up to date with the most recent Google camera version and includes a number of sophisticated settings. Interestingly, it also provides XML configuration options for every user. allowing anyone to quickly and easily customize the GCam to their device. Simply download the XML from the phone and apply it to the GCam settings to accomplish this.

On most phones, images taken using Shamim’s app have a tendency to be a little dark by default and occasionally have greenish tones. This was noticed after the app was installed on a Xiaomi handset. It is advised to go to Celso Azevedo’s website to find an XML file appropriate for a certain phone.

Once you download the file to the mobile device, move it to the “SGCAM/8.8.224/XML” folder. Shamim’s GCam will then automatically load the file upon starting and restart with the most appropriate settings for the phone. According to tests, this method works correctly, at least as far as a modified Google camera apk can function. If the XML does not work or requires more precise adjustments, users can delve into the advanced settings until they achieve their desired results.

Loaded with improvements

Shamim’s 8.8 stable version is available for download on Celso Azevedo’s webpage. As is often the case with GCam, the app may not function correctly on all Android devices. Users must try their luck and adjust the parameters as much as possible. It is also worthwhile to locate the configuration XML file for the mobile device installing the GCam, as this can save time and typically yields better results.

For its outstanding quality, the Google Pixel camera app is well-known. Some Android devices have been modified by modders. One such adaptation is GCam. For phones other than Pixels, Shamim’s 8.8 version offers powerful, highly customizable camera software. New and upgraded versions of this app constantly offer increased capabilities and customization choices.

For those interested in trying this camera app on their Android device, Shamim’s 8.8 stable version can be downloaded from Celso Azevedo’s webpage. Results may vary on different devices, but users can adjust parameters and find the right XML file for better results. GCam is constantly evolving, so Android users can expect even more powerful camera software in the future.

Overall, the GCam is a great option for anyone looking to improve the camera experience on their non Pixel Android device. And with the latest release, it’s easier than ever to configure the app to your specific phone. Why settle for a bad camera app? Google’s software is great – why not use it on your device? Give the GCam a try today.