Samsung launched the One UI 5 public beta earlier this month for the Galaxy S22 series, and as of right now, it is also available for the Galaxy S21 models. One UI 5 is based on Android 13. For these, it appears that the beta testing has already begun in Korea and the UK.

One UI 5.0

You must use the Samsung Members app to find the conspicuous One UI 5.0 beta program banner, tap it, and register your information and device to participate. Normally, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes after that to receive an update message.

The build number for the beta in question is G99xBXXU5ZVHE, where “x” varies depending on which member of the S21 trio you have. Please take note that the beta is only only accessible for SIM-free, unlocked devices if you’re in the UK and want to give it a shot. When it will appear in operator models is unknown.

One UI 5.0 will undoubtedly see a ton more beta builds, and if you’re signed up for the testing program, you’ll get each one as soon as it’s available via an OTA update. One UI 5.0’s “stable” final release for the S22 family is anticipated for mid-October. The S21 models presumably won’t receive it at the same time, but it shouldn’t be delayed.

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