Even though the first developer preview of Android 11 is finally here a bit earlier than the normal March update. For now, the Android 11 DP1 supports only Google Pixel devices, including Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4.

The newest version of Android contains a range of new features focusing on privacy and protection, including enhanced support for 5 G and foldable smartphones.

Since the Android developer preview came early, users did need to install the build too early, particularly since most features are developer-focused.

On top of that, unlike previous versions of Android, the Android 11 DP1 is not available on an OTA update; instead, users will need to manually flash the Android 11 OS image.


  • Supported Google Pixel device
  • ADB and Fastboot tools installed on the PC (Here is the tutorial)
  • USB Debugging turned on

Download the supported OTA file

The official Over – The-Air (OTA) update is available for download from here. Make sure the Android 11 build is downloaded for your specific Google Pixel app.

Sadly, early Android 11 research does not support the first Google Pixel. Although its official support has expired for a long time, Google could be getting generous and sending it to the final upgrade.

Boot into Recovery Mode

Power off the device. Now, hold the Power button and volume down button to get to the Bootloader page. Here, use the volume buttons to choose Recovery mode in the menu and hit the power button.

On the next screen, hold down the Power button and Volume simultaneously for about a second to enter the recovery menu. Here, look out for “Apply update from ADB sideload”, and hit the power button to enter.

Sideload Android 11 on your device

Open Command Prompt on your PC, type the command adb devices . Now, enter adb sideload file name.zip Select Reboot now from the Android recovery menu once the installation is complete.

adb sideload android 11

Again, this is an early Android 11 build; so expect lots of bugs and crashes. Google’s beta program will get underway early, so you can also wait for it to develop a more stable Android 11. In fact, it’ll be much simpler to install.

MIUI devices that will receive Android 11

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Android 11 upgrade timeline for Nokia

Most Nokia phones will have to wait until 2021 Nokia phones from HMD Global come with some of the cleanest Android builds around, but that still does not make it