The OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 are the same smartphone, according to CEO Pete Lau, and we recently received our first official glimpse at it via a well-known YouTube channel. Another YouTuber has now been given access to the phone, and in this video, we can see the phone’s main display in detail as well as how it measures up against the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

In a video published by Jagat Review, we see the Open/Find N3 up close once more. But exactly like previously, a piece of paper has been placed over the camera equipment.

The Open/Find N3 is almost as thick as Samsung’s foldable when placed side by side with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. When opened up, it is a little bit wider than the Fold 5. There isn’t much more to learn about the exterior of the phone besides that. Once the device is opened, though, something does stand out.

We see the primary display several times in the video. There is a screen crease there to welcome you, just like on any other foldable phone. The display wrinkle on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 appears to be much less noticeable when compared to the Open/Find N3, though. In contrast, Samsung’s foldable’s screen wrinkle resembles almost a valley.

Additionally, we know that the hinge on the Open/Find N3 is 37% smaller than the one in the Find N2. Lau has also boasted that the hinge uses 31 fewer components than before.

It won’t be much longer before the OnePlus Open comes out, with an expected launch date of October 19. With 10 days left, we’ll see if any new leaks come out before the launch.

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