Popular apps have been pulled from the Google Play store, and users of Android devices are being asked to do so right away.

Millions of users have downloaded the harmful apps, which pose as questionnaire, fitness, or gaming apps and lure users into accepting bogus incentives or clicking on links that take them to dubious websites.

The most recent apps that were banned offered prizes to users for remaining active by giving them points for walking and working out. However, when individuals attempted to pay out, they were either prevented from doing so or have to watch interminable commercials for no reason.

Cybersecurity experts at Dr.Web flagged these apps, some of which already had millions of downloads before being booted from the Play store.

As reported by the Express, the apps that have recently flagged by the IT cybersecurity firm are:

  • Lucky Step: Walking Tracker – 10 million downloads
  • WalkingJoy: walking tracker – 5 million downloads
  • Lucky Habit: health tracker – 5 million downloads

Despite being flagged for using the same tactics as the other two, Lucky Habit has not been removed from the app store at this time.

It comes after 10 more apps were also axed for the Google store, in this instance due to bad links that downloaded malware, or direct users to dodgy websites.

According to Dr.Web, these fake applications presented themselves as investing software, directories, questionnaires and addictive games. They are as follows:

  • Golden Hunt – 100K downloads
  • Reflector – 100K downloads
  • Seven Golden Wolf blackjack – 100K downloads
  • Unlimited Score – 50K downloads
  • Big Decisions – 50K downloads
  • Jewel Sea – 10K downloads
  • Lux Fruits Game – 10K downloads
  • Lucky Clover – 10K downloads
  • King Blitz – 5K downloads
  • Lucky Hammer – 1Kdownloads

All of these apps have already been removed from the Play Store, but if you have one of them on your device it should be deleted right away.

According to Dr.Web for Android’s detection statistics, the activity of spyware, trojans, and adware surged in December 2022.

Hundreds of bogus apps and trojans that sign their victims up for premium services were among the several new risks they discovered at the same time on Google Play.

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