Data safety is improved by Google by requiring apps to let users delete it

All apps on Google’s platform will be impacted by a new requirement that is being added to the Play Store. The goal of this new requirement is to provide people more control and privacy over their data.

All Google Play Store applications that currently support account creation will soon be required to support account deletion as well. The tech behemoth blogged about the new rule modification.

For apps that enable app account creation, developers will soon need to provide an option to initiate account and data deletion from within the app and online. This web requirement, which you will link in your Data safety form, is especially important so that a user can request account and data deletion without having to reinstall an app.

As the company mentions, the Data safety section in the Play Store already lets developers provide data deletion options. However, this move is meant to give users “an easier and more consistent way to request them.”

delete data

The developer will now have to remove the data connected to that account if you ask for your data to be erased. Hence, temporary account deactivation or deactivating will not be sufficient to comply with the new guideline. Developers must “clearly disclose those data retention procedures” if they need to retain data for justifiable purposes like fraud prevention or legal compliance.

It appears that the rule change won’t go into effect immediately, however. To give developers enough time to comply with the order, Google is rolling out the policy slowly.

As a first step, we’re asking developers to submit answers to new Data deletion questions in your app’s Data Safety form by December 7. Early next year, Google Play users will begin to see reflected changes in your app’s store listing, including the refreshed data deletion badge in the Data safety section and the new Data deletion area.

The company also notes that developers who need more time can file for an extension in Play Console until May 31, 2024.

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