Following the release of a solid Android 12 update for the ZenFone 8 in December, ASUS is now bringing Android 12 update to two more of its phones: the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5S. ASUS has previously stated that both phones would be updated to Android 12 in Q1 2022, and the firm is following through on that promise.

ASUS has begun pushing out a stable Android 12 upgrade to the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5S, according to announcements on ZenTalk forums. All of Android 12’s notable features are included, including a revised Quick Settings panel and volume selector, Privacy Dashboard, camera, microphone, and location indications, and redesigned home screen widgets.

On top of that, users can also look forward to ASUS’s own additions, such as a redesigned ROG UI, revamped system apps, improved One-handed mode, new splash screen animations, a dual control feature for AirTriggers, and more.

asus rog phone  android update

Download Android 12 stable update

The Android 12 update for the ROG Phone 5 carries software version 31.0810.1226.57 and weighs around 3.4GB. M

The Android 12 update for the ROG Phone 5 carries software version 31.0810.1226.57 and weighs around 3.4GB. Meanwhile, the ROG Phone 5S update bumps the software version to 31.0810.1226.57. The automatic OTA rollout has already started. If you want to skip the queue, ASUS has also provided direct download links to help you manually install the update.

Download Android 12 update for the ROG Phone 5

Download Android 12 update for ROG Phone 5S

The official update changelog is as follows:

  • Please back up your data before upgrading to Android 12. If you want to downgrade the software version to Android 11 using the official software package, it will erase all data from your device.
  • Upgraded system to Android 12
  • Introduced new ROG UI design
  • Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, Phone, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Weather, Sound recorder, Settings, Data Transfer, Local backup, Setup wizard and System update apps
  • Merge Wi-Fi and mobile network settings to Internet settings
  • Added extra dim setting, the Drones of Detection theme pack, and AirTriggers’ dual control feature
  • Adjusted Quick Settings panel, notification tray, and volume panel to Android 12 design
  • Adjusted the Classic style of the power menu to match Android 12 design. Separated device control and Wallet to independent pages.
  • Added the Shortcut option in the Security & lock screen settings menu
  • Added privacy dashboard, camera and microphone indicators, show clipboard access, approximate location access, and microphone access features
  • Replaced ASUS Safeguard with Android 12 Emergency SOS
  • One-handed mode integrates Android 12 design and supports more options.
  • Removed search option in OptiFlex setting
  • Introduced a new widget page design in Launcher. Adjusted the position of the screenshot option and removed the hotseat app icons in the Overview page.
  • Added the Swipe to invoke assistant option to Gesture settings
  • Removed the Quick Settings layout option from Display settings
  • Added splash screen animations when launching apps
  • ASUS Phone removed SIP calling support as Android 12 does not natively support SIP calling
  • Added the “Draw overlay permission request” dialog when launching Game Genie for the first time
  • Removed the function of swiping up from any position of Launcher, holding, and releasing to enter the Overview page when using gesture navigation
  • Added the function of going back to the main screen in Launcher by swiping up from the bottom when using gesture navigation
  • Added the “Convert videos to AVC” option in the USB preferences page
  • Some third party apps are not compatible with Android 12 yet
  • Modified the color of the icons in the 1st-layer Settings to Android 12 black and white design

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