YouTube Music upgraded its Home feed for tablets at the start of this year, promising additional UI improvements, particularly for playlists. On Android, YouTube Music now has a more user-friendly settings structure.

Instead of the fullscreen page available on phones, visiting the Account menu on Android tablets (and Chromebooks) initiates a pop-up (keeping navigation context).

Settings now has a two-column UI, which is common among first-party Android apps like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and others. The real controls are on the right, while the available options are listed on the left.

This is a much better approach as settings for YouTube Music have been unwieldy for some time now as more things were added. We’re not encountering it on Android phones today, but YouTube Music offers a similar list approach on iPhone and iPad, though with different groupings. It could also be coming to smaller Android screens as a result.

This is a much better method, as YouTube Music settings have been unmanageable for a long time as more features have been added. We haven’t seen it on Android phones yet, but YouTube Music on iPhone and iPad has a similar list structure, though with different groups. As a result, it’s possible that it’ll be available on smaller Android screens as well.