Huawei ‘s recently had its share of rough times. By going through the chaos of US trade ban, to finding out how to market phones without Google’s Play services and mobile set, it’s been an adjustment time for China’s largest telecom. And now it seems the company is facing renewed criticism over the use of its products in the UK.

uk ban huawei

The UK’s National Cyber Security Center has issued new recommendations on doing business with Huawei, according to a new report from the BBC, saying it can no longer verify the safety of Huawei ‘s products.

Curiously enough, this is due in part to the sanctions that the US has imposed on Huawei. Since the company will no longer work with third-party suppliers who produce some of its more high-tech processors, there is a possibility who materials will have to be purchased from a different, unknown source. The BBC also says the US sanctions basically prevent Huawei from using software that is critical to designing and testing chips before making them.

The United States may have considered Huawei untrustworthy enough to issue a trade ban, but the United Kingdom did not act as aggressive — or at least at first. We reported in May that the UK was reassessing its position, and planning to reduce Huawei ‘s contributions to the 5 G network infrastructure. It’s uncertain what the future holds in the UK for Huawei with this new growth. The company’s goods are already highly integrated, so quick removal of them will possibly cost a pretty penny. Parliamentarians are scheduled to discuss the new report in more detail later this week, when Huawei and network providers are expected to be asked about the potential impact of a ban.

Even if no major new actions are taken, it’s yet another obstacle facing Huawei. US trade restrictions have banned companies from doing business with it. Google apps and services aren’t coming back to its devices anytime soon.


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