In this tech-savvy era, we depend heavily on our phones even for the most mundane tasks. Our biggest challenge is making sure the battery lasts almost an entire day, however, it is immensely difficult to find an application that saves you battery since most battery saver measures are manual.

The best way to conserve battery is to first understand what is causing the battery drainage and then take the appropriate measures such as decreasing the brightness on your screen, reducing the frequency that apps sync data, use dark mode, and more. In case you are looking for apps to fix your battery issue then keep reading! We have picked the most effective and reliable battery saver apps for Android.

1.      Battery Guru

battery saver battery guru

Battery Guru is one of the most premium battery saver applications. It aids in battery conservation but not in the way you would think. It does not work like booster apps or service terminators. The app provides you with helpful information such as battery temperature limits and charging limits so you don’t wear out your battery sooner.

Moreover, there are a few battery-saving modes that can help reduce battery drain so you won’t have to charge often. There is even a Doze Mode customization tool that makes the app more aggressive. The app has a free and paid version for $19.99.

2.      Greenify


Greenify is one of the known battery saver applications. It identifies apps that wake up your phone more frequently and gives you the tools to prevent apps from doing this often. The app has some intuitive and interesting features including Android Nougat and beyond with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes.

This particular application has two versions, the free version which has almost all the premium features, and a paid version for $2.99 for support development.

3.      GSam Battery Monitor

gsam battery mnonitor

GSam Battery Monitor is another popular choice for battery saving. The app itself does not do much on its own to conserve battery but instead provides you with information about the apps draining your battery. Consequently, that information can be utilized to improve your own battery life. Its features providing information regarding wakelocks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor data.

It is worth mentioning that the latest version caused minor issues. However, it still gets the job done. This application has a free version and a paid version for $2.49.

4.      Servicely

servicely battery saver

Servicely is one of the top battery saver applications. It works by stopping services that run in the background. It helps prevent odd apps from going insane and keeps them from syncing all the time. This is ideal if you do not want your applications to sync all the time. There might be a delay in certain notifications from apps that have been prevented from syncing hence use it with caution.

Additionally, this app works well with wakelock detectors as a potent one-two punch. It’s highly configurable with enough options to make it work how you want. You can opt for the free version of the paid one for $13.99.

5.      Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector is another top-notch battery saver app. The main function of this application is to aid in the detection of wakelocks. It can detect both partial and full wakelocks. You can also get a list of all the apps that are causing it. From there, you can take steps to uninstall the apps or find replacements.

There is a free version available and a paid version for $1.99.

Alternative methods to conserve battery:

There are a lot of native features on Android that aid in battery conservation. By enabling Doze Mode your entire device goes into hibernation. Apps can only sync occasionally and in batches as dictated by the OS. Thus, it loads battery life. Whereas, App Standby restricts data usage by apps you don’t use very often for additional savings.

These features are enabled by Android automatically hence there is almost no room for customization. Further methods include;

  •  Uninstall apps you don’t use
  • Lower your screen brightness
  •  Use black mode, wallpapers, etc on OLED screens
  • Avoid playing games
  • Avoid using Cellular Data
  • Get rid of duplicate photos/videos
  • Turn off connections you’re not using such as Bluetooth
  •  Use battery saving modes on your phone
  •  Don’t use vibration or haptic feedback
  • Don’t use booster apps
  • Turn off 5G if you can

Summing Up

All of the above-mentioned applications are ideal for battery conservation. The most preferable manner to save battery to uninstall unnecessary apps and get rid of duplicate functionality applications. Instead of downloading apps to conserve battery, try using Android’s native features such as limiting screen brightness, avoid using cellular data, use battery-saving mode as often as possible, and much more.