Xiaomi took advantage of Huawei’s troubles with the US government to take a major portion of the market for a purpose. Over the years, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been chastised for ripping off Apple. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has taken risks of its own, introducing technologies that rivals can’t match. 

To make the company more appealing the company offered exceedingly competitive prices and connected gadgets, which does not only make the company’s mobile environment on the same hand more appealing. Xiaomi has revealed its a new phone in the most fascinating time.  A day, before the launch of Samsung’s Z fold 3, the Mix 4 was made official. Xiaomi not only introduced a camera hidden behind the display but also several exhilarating features.   

xiaomi mi mix 4

 The Xiaomi has 4 has remarkable specs.

 The Xiaomi appeared to be familiar on the paper, it’s not like the other high end-end Android Phones. It has taken the title of being the world’s first phone that has used Snapdragon 888+ CPU, which is quicker than the Snapdragon 888 that will be found in many Android devices in 2021.

The phone comes up with the storage of 8GB or 12GB of LDDR5 RAM, up to 512GB of UFS 3.1, and 5G connectivity.   The “exclusive UWB technology,” of the Xiaomi mix 4 has been said to improve the phone’s interaction with other internet-connected gadgets. To achieve this improved UWB experience, the Mix 4 has 19 antennas and supports 42 bands. The device is capable of carrying out functions such as iOS transfer with ease.

 The brilliance of the under-screen camera

 Caducity has been waited for Xiaomi to launch its first under-screen camera. The CUP (Camera Under Panel) on the Mix 4’s 120Hz 6.67-inch screen stands for Camera Under Panel.  Xiaomi used micro-diamond pixels, a new circuitry array, and transparent sub-pixel circuitry, to make the CUP camera. As a result of this, the Mix 4 is designed to provide a seamless screen. At, first You will not be able to find the fabulous camera. According to Xiaomi, the software also certifies that photographs and videos taken with the CUP selfie cam “retain genuine colors and details.

Xiaomi y comes with a majestic camera that has a 108-megapixel primary camera with 4-in-1 1.6-micron Super Pixels and a 4-in-1 1.6-micron secondary camera. The optical lens of a free-form in a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera reduces wide-angle distortion. An 8-megapixel periscope camera with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom rounds out the package.

  The Xiaomi uses a graphene battery

 Xiaomi has a wireless charger of 50 watts and a 4,500 mAh battery that supports cable charging at 120 watts.  Depending on the model, it promises to charge the phone in 15 or 28 minutes. Graphene anodes, which are 1,000 times more conductive than carbon black anodes, are used in the battery. The Mix 4 also has intelligent, fast charging, according to Xiaomi, which “helps optimize charging temperature and speed for different conditions, as well as improving battery charge cycles by up to 25%.”

For heat management, Graphene is used in other parts of Mix 4. The material is a component of a heat dissipation structure with a total surface area of 11,588 square mm.

 Android has introduced a lot of innovative features

  Xiaomi’s Mix 4 will include AI Translation at the system level, which will operate with text, images, and audio. According to the business, the service would also interpret and transcribe audio. The SIM lock function may make it impossible for a stolen Mix 4 to be repurposed. When changing the SIM card, the user must enter the right password.

 Cost of Xiaomi and launch date 

 Ceramic Black, Ceramic White, and Ceramic Gray are the three amazing colors available for the Xiaomi Mix 4. All are made of ceramic and fired at 1,400 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, to protect the screen shatterproof Corning Gorilla Glass Vectus is used.

 Xiaomi will sell the following Mix 4 configurations, on 16th August

·        4,999 yuan ($771) for 8GB/128GB

·        5,299 yuan ($817) for 8GB/256GB

·        5,799 yuan ($894) for 12GB/256GB

·        6,299 yuan ($971) for 12GB/512GB

 The bottom line

 Mix 4’s pricing structure is also incredible. Yet, it is not confirmed when Mix 4 will be released in overseas regions. In its announcement, Xiaomi only mentioned the phone’s release date in China.

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