If you use YouTube Music, you’re probably aware of the app’s Smart Downloads feature. It’s essentially a feature that saves mobile data by downloading some tunes offline anytime you’re connected to Wi-Fi. On the video side of things, the YouTube app for Android is experimenting with something similar. The YouTube app’s Smart Downloads feature will download a handful of videos for you every week based on an algorithm for recommended videos.

Some Android users in Europe have gotten a reminder on their devices to try out the new Smart Downloads function, according to 9to5Google. When you sign up to try it, the YouTube app will automatically download a collection of 20 videos per week while connected to a Wi-Fi network. The videos will be tailored for you based on an algorithm that analyzes your viewing history as well as the types of material you consume on the platform. The downloaded videos, along with any other videos you’ve manually downloaded in the app, will be added to your offline playlist.

While many individuals may find the feature unneeded, it can be useful for those who have limited mobile data and wish to view material while commuting or who do not have frequent access to an internet connection. Users with limited storage on their devices will be warned before any downloads take place, allowing them to take appropriate action to free up space. Only the most recent version of Android, Android 12, currently supports this functionality.

Smart Downloads is currently available only for a few people to try out and only in specific regions. It’s also available only for YouTube Premium subscribers and users who receive the prompt can enroll to try the feature till 14 February. If you are one of the chosen ones, you should see a banner when you open the YouTube app or you can try heading to Settings > Try new features to see if you can find the option there.

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