The last several years have seen significant transformation at OnePlus. It has been trying to get into the mass market and has moved away from its image of an enthusiast. In the process, it expanded the number of entry-level and mid-range devices in its inventory and reduced the number of flagship models in its lineup to just one, with the OnePlus 10 Pro taking the top spot in 2022. But that state won’t last forever. In an event that was streamed from New York, the company declared that the OnePlus 10T would be the following premium phone it will deliver this year, with a debut date of August 3.

The decision by OnePlus to produce the T model is a return to a tried-and-true tactic that the company abandoned a few years ago. Up until 2020, OnePlus released two flagship lineups each year, with the T series typically the second, significantly more advanced release. Though there is still a slight quirk, the OnePlus 10T might be a good example of that. There is now only a OnePlus 10 Pro available, thus there isn’t a basic OnePlus 10 to compare the 10T against. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear like the 10T will be a more advanced model of the 10 Pro. Here is everything that is currently known about the OnePlus 10T.

OnePlus 10T design

The Verge has received official pictures from OnePlus, giving us a sneak peek at the device’s appearance before its August 3 launch. With a camera array that gracefully curls into the edge of the phone, it has a very similar form to the OnePlus 10 Pro. Additionally, it appears to have the same sandstone-like back that is as silky smooth as the 10 Pro’s. For better or worse, the 10T does appear to lose the curved screen.

oneplus 10t

The absence of OnePlus’ iconic tactile alert slider, which has always been a part of the company’s flagship experience, is more intriguing than the alteration in the display. The slider that allows you to switch your ringer from silence to vibration to sound is present on the 10 Pro and earlier models but not on the 10T. It does seem to take up a lot of space, as stated by OnePlus, and also appears to contribute to the structural rigidity of the phone, which is why the company wanted to get rid of it. But for OnePlus, this feels like the end of an era.


The details of the specifications are currently unknown. According to the most recent report, the phone should have a 32MP front camera and 6.7-inch 120Hz FHD+ OLED display. Two other cameras—a 2MP macro and a 16MP ultrawide—join the 50MP primary camera on the back. The 10T no longer sports the Hasselblad logo, unlike the 10 Pro. Similar to the removal of the alert slider, OnePlus views this as another cost-cutting strategy to enable other features.

The cutting-edge Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the quickest Qualcomm processor currently on the market, should be inside. Given that the business earlier seemed to be experimenting with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, this would seem to be a last-minute modification.

For RAM and storage, the phone is supposed to be equipped with standard 8 and 12GB RAM with 128 and 256GB storage variants, but there could also be a more advanced 16GB RAM version in some markets.

It is almost certain that the alleged 4,800mAh battery can charge at a rate of up to 150W. The OnePlus 10T is believed to lack wireless charging, making it slower than the OnePlus 10 Pro’s 80W charging speed. Additionally, dual speakers and an in-display fingerprint scanner are believed to be included with the OnePlus 10T. Software-wise, OxygenOS 12 for Android is anticipated to run on it. Then, after the official release of Android 13, we would anticipate seeing this phone receive OxygenOS 13 at a later time.

Release date and availability

On August 3, 2022, the OnePlus 10T will be unveiled in New York. If you’re interested in seeing what OnePlus has to offer, tune in to the event because OnePlus will be livestreaming it. It’s safe to presume that the 10T will be sold in the US given that the company has moved its launch event to New York. Comparing this to the OnePlus 10 Pro, which the company initially solely released in China, is likewise a change in approach. Much later, it was made available on overseas markets.


In terms of cost, we anticipate the OnePlus 10T to be a little less expensive than the OnePlus 10 Pro. It would be strange if OnePlus charged more for the new member of the series than the top-of-the-line alternative because the company is presenting it as a non-Pro phone. Given the 10 Pro’s $900 asking price, a pricing in the $600–$800 range would seem realistic.

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