The majority of users of smartphones use Android devices that have different chipsets. You have smartphone users amongst them only, who also use MediaTek chipset devices. Despite the fact that MediaTek chipset devices are a bit different from others.

MTK Droid tool is only designed to work with MediaTek models. It is compatible with just the same. Remember, though, that other chipset devices may not work well. MTK Droid Tool includes a Files > pwn malware that is present. This file isn’t harming your computer or phone, however.

If you own a MediaTek smartphone and want to use the latest version of MTK Droid Tool to root or flash it, then I have to assume that you fell to the exact location you should be. In this post, I listed the download links of different versions of MTK Droid Tool as well as a full guide on how to root your MediaTek computer using MTK Droid Tool. There are some of the basics and functions with that, too. Continue reading on for more.

Flashing or rooting through this tool or anyhow can void the warranty of your device. There exists a chance of getting your device bricked as well. But that is not the case every time. So whatever you choose, choose it wisely.

Your warranty will be void. Droid Tools is not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards etc…

MTK Droid Root & Tools Features

1) Supports All MediaTek Devices: If you are using an Android device with MediaTek device then you can use this tool for creating scatter files, creating stock firmware backup’s, etc. This tools supports all devices with MediaTek chipset.

2) Create Scatter File: Using this tool, you can easily create a scatter file of your firmware. You can use this scatter file to flash stock firmware on your corrupted and bricked device.

3) Backup Stock Firmware: MTK Droid Root & Tools lets you to take backup of your device’s stock ROM firmware. This is the best Windows tool for creating backup of MediaTek device’s stock firmware.

4) Backup Stock Recovery: Apart from backing up stock firmware, you can use this tool for taking backup of you device’s stock recovery. You can also restore the same using this tool.

5) Backup & Restore IMEI: Using MTK droid tools, you can take a backup of your IMEI number. After flashing stock firmware or custom ROM firmware, you can restore the IMEI using this tool.

What you need to use this tool

MTK Droid Tool
MTK Droid Tool

Root MediaTek Device with MTK Flash Tool

Step 1. To begin with, the process of rooting, Go to Settings> Developer> Click on USB Debugging option.

Step 2. Now connect your MediaTek device with your PC through an appropriate USB Cable.

Step 3. You will now receive a message saying- “Drivers Successfully installed” at the time of completion of the installation process.

Step 4. Now you will need to run the Tool as Administrator. For which you will have to right click first and then select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 5. At the left side of the tool detects and displays device information.

Step 6. Then at the bottom of the screen, click on the Root option and if any window pops up asking permission or on mobile you receive any notification, click OK on it.

Step 7. Soon a progress bar will appear on the screen that will gradually turn yellow to green.

Step 8. Before rooting, click on the Backup Option and create a backup.

Step 9. Once the back up is finished, click on- To prepare blocks for flash tool.

Step 10. Now follow the instructions that show on the display and MDK Droid Tool will soon start rooting your MediaTek device.

And your job is done here! All you got to do now is wait. Soon the rooting process will be finished.

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