The September 2022 Google System updates have started to reach Android devices. These updates differ from OTA (over the air) updates that you get for your phone. Instead, these are updates to various underpinning technologies, such as Google Play Services and the Play Store, which serve as the foundation for the Android OS. For a more dependable and secure user experience, the organization releases updates and adjustments to these systems on a regular basis. Each month, it describes their developments. A few major modifications, including some for Kids Space, are brought about by the most recent round of Google System updates.

This month’s Google System updates bring notable changes to Kids Space

kids space

First off, you can now set up Android tablets to install Google Kids Space on a different account. You can now use your tablet to share with your little siblings or children. To prevent your children from downloading or using undesirable apps, you can also hide suggested apps while configuring Kids Space. On Android smartphones, TVs, tablets, Android Auto, and Wear OS devices, the most recent updates significantly improve Google account syncing and recovery.

Additionally, the Google Play Store is improving. Play-as-you-download, Google Play billing, Play Protect, Play Pass, and Play Points programs are just a few of the features that are getting some optimization. However, if you looked at the organization’s official update tracker for these monthly releases, you would see the identical entries in the changelog for almost every release.

Improvements are also being made in the Google Play Store. Some enhancements are being made to features including Play-as-you-download, Google Play billing, Play Protect, Play Pass, and Play Points programs. However, if you looked at the changelog for these monthly releases on the company’s official update tracker, you would see the identical entries almost every month. That’s because Google makes these ongoing adjustments for better user experience in the background.

As part of these monthly Google System updates, Google frequently pushes new updates to Android OS systems throughout the month. So, in the upcoming weeks, it’s possible that the corporation will add new items to the changelog for the most recent edition. We will undoubtedly let you know about anything significant or significant if it happens.

The aforementioned improvements are now being released alongside Google Play Store version 31.1 and Google Play services version 35.22. It may take a few days for everyone to notice the improvements brought about by this month’s Google System upgrades because the company just issued the most recent version. Although the updates ought to be installed without your intervention, you can always look for them yourself. To check if you have a Google Play services update available, click this page. The About section of Settings, accessed from your avatar in the top right corner of the Play Store home page, allows you to check for updates for the Play Store.

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