Despite not being the best Android smartphones available, Pixel devices are nonetheless good. Most of the time, hardware limitations of Pixels are overcome by their superior software, which Google delivers together with cutting-edge features that are exclusive to its products. While feature drops and upgrades are regular and often bring exciting improvements, they can occasionally also lead to unanticipated issues. This appears to be the case with the June update, as several customers report that their Pixel devices are depleting their batteries faster than usual.


Many users have commented on Reddit about the June update’s poor battery life, which was picked up by the staff at 9to5Google. Some users report noticing only a slight change, while others report that they now need to charge their cellphones at least twice daily. Others have reported connectivity problems, including short-lived batteries and erratic mobile data signals.

It appears that a variety of Pixel devices are included in the list of affected ones, however upon fast reading through the thread, it is clear that many Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series smartphones are affected. Even while there are reports of the phones heating up much more than before, which is rather frightening, increasing battery consumption is still a major problem.

While those who are impacted by this are in a lot of suffering, there are some remedies. Some people claim that the issue is resolved by deleting the most recent update for Android System Intelligence in the Reddit thread. Some assert that restarting the device also resolves the problem. Even if some of these fixes might be effective, Google will probably need to release an update. We’ve been in touch with Google in an effort to clarify these matters. We anticipate that the business is aware of the issue and will include a fix in the upcoming version.

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