With the official launch of HyperOS, Xiaomi created quite a stir. Many are curious about when the HyperOS update will become available globally. The smartphone maker has been working on the HyperOS Global update for 11 models, which indicates that the update will arrive soon and millions of people will be able to experience HyperOS immediately.

HyperOS Global Coming Soon

What sets Xiaomi apart from the competition is its optimization of HyperOS. With this new interface, which enhances system animations and reworks the interface among other things, HyperOS Global will have all of these features. Xiaomi is currently testing HyperOS Global and is prepared to roll out new updates.

HyperOS Global will be available for 11 smartphones on the Xiaomi server.

HyperOS Global Launch

Which smartphones will be the first to receive this new update?

Here are the 11 smartphones that will get HyperOS Global! This information is taken from the Official Xiaomi server, so it is reliable. HyperOS Global update has been confirmed by Xiaomiui. These builds are expected to start rolling out to users very soon. Millions of people are asking when HyperOS Global will be released and are impatiently waiting for the new update to come to their devices.

Based on Android 14, HyperOS is a user interface that will bring a major Android update to smartphones. The HyperOS Global update will be released to users in the HyperOS Pilot Tester Program first, and we have leaked the HyperOS Global Changelog to give you an idea of what to expect when HyperOS Global is released globally.

Official HyperOS Global Changelog

  • Global aesthetics draw inspiration from life itself and change the way your device looks and feels
  • New animation language makes interactions with your device wholesome and intuitive
  • Natural colors bring vibrancy and vitality to every corner of your device
  • Our all-new system font supports multiple writing systems
  • Redesigned Weather app not only gives you important information, but also shows you how it feels outside
  • Notifications are focused on important information, presenting it to you in the most efficient way
  • Every photo can look like an art poster on your Lock screen, enhanced by multiple effects and dynamic rendering
  • New Home screen icons refresh familiar items with new shapes and colors
  • Our in-house multi-rendering technology makes visuals delicate and comfortable across the whole system
  • Multitasking is now even more straightforward and convenient with an upgraded multi-window interface

Many smartphone models are scheduled to receive an update to the state-of-the-art HyperOS Global. Stay tuned for the most recent information on HyperOS Global developments. The details as of right now are as follows. To view a detailed list of devices that qualify for the HyperOS update—which Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO models are included—visit our special article titled “HyperOS Update Eligible Devices List: Which Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Models Will Receive HyperOS?” We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the upcoming HyperOS Global update; please feel free to leave a comment.

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